Services and solutions for text analysis and knowledge extraction
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Talia is a spin-off company of CNR ILC (‘A. Zampolli’ Institute of Computational Linguistics) and GruppoMeta.

It develops and delivers tools for text processing and knowledge extraction based on Automatic Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence techniques.

It offers specialised solutions and services in morphological analysis, syntactic analysis, name entity recognition, meaningful knowledge extraction, classification, clustering, ontology learning, ontology population and sentiment analysis in Saas (software as a service) mode.


To ensure the quality and excellence of our solutions and services. To develop tangible growth and technological innovation in functions, performance and quality in the areas of Automatic Language Processing and applied Artificial Intelligence techniques.


To be the point of reference for companies and entities which, in a variety of fields, from publishing to healthcare, public administration to tourism and e-learning, are required to manage, store, and catalogue large amounts of text data.

Our added value

Automatic Language Processing

Knowledge Extraction

Artificial Intelligence