TALIA is a collaboration between the GruppoMeta team and ILC (‘A. Zampolli’ Institute of Computational Linguistics)

Over the last ten years, this professional collaboration has enabled us to realise and test state-of-the-art models for analysing the Italian language (and others) in real world settings and to develop strong technical skills in NLP and engineering.
These include

  • Projects for the Tuscany Regional Government (POR FESR 2014-2020 tender):
  • UBIquitous Massive Open Learning – UBIMOL
  • intelligent Semantic Liquid eBook – iSLe
  • Customization of advanced training courses – PERFORMA
  • Augmented RealTime Learning for Secure workspace – ARTILS
  • Innovative solutions for the creation, certification, reuse and sharing of digital learning units in schools – SchoolChain
  • Operational Conventions financed by M.E.T.A. s.r.l:
  • Preparation of knowledge extraction tools in the cultural sphere for the Italian language – META OTW
  • • ENgaging Content Objects for Reuse and Exploitation of cultural resources – ENCORE
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