Talia develops and delivers tools for text processing and knowledge extraction based on Automatic Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence techniques

It offers specialised solutions and services in morphological analysis, syntactic analysis, name entity recognition, meaningful knowledge extraction, classification, clustering, ontology learning, ontology population and sentiment analysis in Saas (software as a service) mode.

It adopts a hybrid approach based on natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques.

It offers specialised services for creating:

  •  annotated corpuses
  •  pconfigurations of ontologies
  • specialised systems for entity recognition
  • clustering systems and tools to support QA tools, chat bots, etc.

The tools available on the TALIA.CLOUD enable applications of all kinds to be enriched with special functions:

  •  text editor
  • e-learning platforms
  • CRM tools
  • e-commerce platforms
  • cataloguing and document management software
  • knowledge discovery tools
  • Chat bots
  • recommendation systems
  • supply and demand matching
  • automatic metadata extraction and indexing
  • classification and collation of documents
  • knowledge discovery systems