Services and solutions

Talia solutions are delivered with a SaaS (software as a service) approach to maximise efficiency, remote access to services, scalability and security, and optimise investments

Talia provides tools for:

Morphological-syntactic analysis of texts

Extraction of relevant nominal entities such as names, dates, places, institutions, age

Extraction of meaningful knowledge and relationships between concepts

Automatic creation of conceptual maps

Implementation of QA tools over vertical domains

Text generation and classification

Sentiment analysis

Dialogue generation

Document clustering

Proposal of related content

Innovative services compared to the current state of the art

TALIA provides services that are highly innovative compared to the state of the art in the field, in terms of the ability to analyse the text from diverse perspectives, to combine different dimensions of analysis, and to generate knowledge that would otherwise be impossible to extract:

Training models for AI algorithms over vertical domains

Creation and extraction of specialised ontologies

Annotation of text corpora

Tuning and customisation of chat bots, QA systems and recommender engines

Identification and extraction of the writer’s opinions in relation to the extracted information content.

By analysing the style used by the writer, TALIA services are able to identify:

the age of the writer, their level of schooling, gender and mother tongue – if different from the language in which the text is written – and even whether a given portion of the text was written by a particular person or not.

Text analysis of different genres at various levels of accuracy:

journalistic, literary, domain-specific texts (legal, technical, scientific, biomedical)

texts drawn from social media, such as Twitter, Facebook or review sites, or texts produced by students using e-learning platforms.

TALIA.CLOUD will make use of open source solutions implemented by CNR, such as the T2K platform and other existing tools implemented by research groups and foundations